About Us

Pay Monthly Sims is an independant price comparison tool that compares sim card deals from all of the UKs mobile operators. It is free to use and unbiased. Unlike some comparison sites we don't list any 'featured' deals or promoted deals as our price comparison is aimed at showing the best priced sim only deals. We will not accept payment from any company to alter the way the results tables are formulated.

How we make money

When a visitor to this site clicks on a link to a mobile phone operator and then goes on to purchase a sim deal or mobile contract then we are paid a small commission by the operator. The amount paid is different for each operator but again, we will not alter the comparison to promote those that pay us more commission or offer us an incentive.

How are the prices checked

Our prices are checked frequently by a human rather than an automated computer program to ensure that the prices are correct and the offers are relevant.

Who runs the site

The site is operated and owned by Luksop Internet Services Ltd, a UK based company registered at Companies House (Company Number:11562259)

I've noticed a problem with your prices

In the event that you spot a price discrepancy in the sim deals listed then please contact us and we will make the changes where necessary ASAP

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